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November 2007

Snazzypants - The Nappy Shop leads the way in potty training.

It’s said that there are key stress times in everyone’s lives, marriage, divorce, Christmas and holidays, but many mothers would add Potty Training to that list.

There are many books and articles indeed programs about how to be a good parents, how to look after baby and manage child behaviour, but is very little written about Potty Training.

Kerry Newton owner of Snazzypants the online cloth nappy shop found that many of her customers were coming back after a couple of years seeking help and advice regarding the minefield that is toilet training. Having potty trained all 8 if her own she felt that she could offer meaningful and helpful advice as well as offering the widest range of potty training accessories.

Every child is different, and will learn at a different rate, some children just become dry overnight whilst others seem to be forever having accidents, and parents often feel that the child is falling behind their peer group or doing it on purpose. Many parents will hear that they were on the potty at 6months, or that the little playmate is dry all day and night adding to the increasing pressure that is put upon overburden parents already.

At Snazzypants we researched the training pants available, and asked parents what they expected the products to do, and using this information stocked a variety of products ranging from the simple and funky Bright Bots Trainer pants to a range of training pants to suit children with special needs up to 12yrs old.

As well as offering underwear Snazzypants is able to offer a wide range of bed protection products, from the disposable bed pad to the range of waterproof duvet and mattress covers, Snazzypants can even supply sleeping bag inserts so that camping or sleep overs’ need ever be a source of embarrassment for older children.

Training pants start at as little as £3.75 and bed protection from £9.99, packs of trainer pants or potty training kits include a star chart and stickers to help get encourage the child.

Kerry Newton can be contacted on 01369 830040 or contact@snazzypants.co.uk.


October 2007

Cloth Nappies Stink – NOT!

So often when I’m giving talks about cloth nappies the first comment people make is “Oh no I remember the stinking nappy bucket when my baby brother/sister was wearing them”. Well in the last twenty years washing machines and washing powders have come a long way. They are more efficient and more effective than before, reducing the stains and smells. You only have to watch the TV adverts to discover that many soap powder companies are promising to get rid of 99 different stains; I personally am waiting for some enterprising company to guarantee the poo stain promise!

When my first son was born just about everyone used cloth nappies or rather terry squares and plastic pants, rare was the parent that used disposables and even if they did it was generally only when going out or for night-times. So parents often had to soak nappies in a solution of Nappysan™ (not recommend now), often the bucket wasn’t emptied until wash day so of course it would get a bit smelly in the bathroom. Often parents would have to put the nappies on a boil wash to remove the smell and kill bacteria, but then the nappies were just squares of terry cotton so little damage could be caused by a 95°wash, today of course it’s very different.

Real nappies are generally shaped and contain elastic and Velcro so a really hot washes will cause damage. But then a hot wash is rarely required.

Washing nappies is very easy if you follow some basic rules:-

Soaking nappies, change the water everyday, this prevents the nappies sitting in dilute wee! Use a nappy soak such as Nappy Fresh™ or use Tea Tree Oil or Lavender Oils. Keep a lid on it! Not just to keep possible smells in but to keep prying fingers and noses out.

When changing the water I found that if I stood the bucket in the bath and then removed the nappies to drain over the plug hole, then I would tip the bucket of water into the toilet. Refill the bucket and put the nappies back.

Use a nappy net, a net keeps the nappies together and easier to handle when changing the water, you can shove the whole net into the washing machine complete with nappies. A net also means that the squeamish don’t have to handle dirty nappies.

Washing your cotton Nappies, place in washing machine, add non-biological powder turn dial, go and play with baby. That’s not too hard is it? Generally a 60° will be sufficient, just occasionally a 95° might be required for especially stubborn stains, this usually coincides with teething.

Drying, Sunshine and fresh air are the best way, it’s cheap and free. Sunshine is a natural stain remover and fresh air blowing through the fabric will make them smell great, beware though you will develop the habit of sniffing the freshly dried nappies as you take them off the line, it’s a well known condition and your neighbours will get used to seeing you do this. Another well known habit is hanging the nappies in order (newest or cutest where they can be seen best, less favourite less prominent), it can’t be helped and could be considered therapeutic.

You can dry indoors on rails near radiators, or occasionally on your radiator (this will stop heat circulating to the room though, so not very efficient) – and of course using a tumble dryer is the quickest way, but again not very earth friendly and expensive.

Storing your nappies, cloth nappies take up more room than a pack of disposables so you will need something fairly substantial to put them in. If possible having your nappies close at hand downstairs so that visitors can admire them!

Kerry Newton
Snazzypants The Nappy Shop

Kerry is mum to 8 children and works from her home in Lincolnshire.

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